Our Team

Our products are made with all our hearts. We want to share our amazing farm and food with our community. Our Grass Fed Beef is like no other. It's flavourful, clean and nutrient dense. Most importantly, its raised in a way that benefits the land, rather than harm, that restores rather than degrades. I hope I can someday work on the farm and continue what is being created "Laura Stoj" Grand Daughter. 

Farmers Daughter | Berry NSW

The Stojanovski family has been farming since the 80's in Berry NSW. In 2020 Regen Pastures was born through an idea that was always in planning and thought. After years of talking about our plans and future, having dealt with multiple challenges such as, having our tourist cabins getting approval by council, health issues that came and went, and family priorities, we were finally able to allow our dreams to come true for our family. We aim to bring something special to Berry NSW that generations to come can enjoy.

The direct beef to consumer concept was born in 2020 which was strongly influenced by a relative who had already been purchasing healthy nutritious grass fed beef direct from a farmer in New South Wales in bulk to feed themselves and their family. Conscious consumers want to know how their food is produced, and we believe farms and food companies should operate with full transparency.

After spending many months researching and continuing to research regenerative farming and holistic farming, we actually found that a lot of the practices taught we had already been implementing such as no spraying, no antibiotics to our cattle, and rotational grazing practices to name a few. 

Farmers | Stojanovski Family


Our family already had a licensed meat abattoir and butcher do our naturally grown meats from our own cattle and sheep stock for our own consumption and when entertaining guests. Our guests would always rave on about how its the best tasting meat they've eaten. It was only a natural step to share this amazing meat with the rest of the community.

In time we plan to grow our family farm in a sustainable manner whereby we can share our passion for farming food, introducing new species and share the knowledge of regenerative farming practices with the rest of Australia and perhaps one day other parts of the world and contribute in a positive way to the south coast community and the town of Berry New South Wales. 

Our motto is "Grow Holistically, Be Present with Nature and God" .

By keeping true to the above we hope more people take a natural response to how nature intended our food to be produced and be more aware of where it comes from and perhaps more and more people can start doing what we do. We do not intend to compete with others but to contribute to the wider community with healthy nutritious food. 

We love what we are doing and we hope you join our family and support our farm mission and share with us your own journey.