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Natural 100% Grass-Fed Beef BBQ Box - 5kg

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Everything tastes better and is better for you when it's handled the right way. That's what we think, and that is why we take time and care when producing our cattle on our small family farm in Berry NSW to ensure you get a true paddock to plate meat delivery experience.

We guarantee full of flavour and nutrients to keep you and your family healthy. This is done by only allowing our livestock to eat succulent green pastures with no chemicals sprays and antibiotics given at all. No added hormones or preservatives just pure natural.

By doing it this way we ensure we provide food that you can trust as we also feed our family with the same. Hope you enjoy. 

All meat is vacuum packed and labeled for freshness. So call your mates over and get the BBQ cranking with a story to tell. 

The box will approximately include the following as close as possible. 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished produce. 

  • 2 x 500g T-bone Steaks 
  • 2 x 500g Porterhouse Steaks 
  • 5 x 200g Burger Patties Regen Pastures Style
  • Premium Grass Fed Beef Cevapi Regen Pastures Style (1kg) 
  • 10 x Premium Grass Fed Beef Sausages made by produced by Sydney’s Best Butchers using our Premium Beef Cuts (1kg)

NOTE: Please note that each animal weighs differently and the dressing weight by the butchers varies, hence the above cannot always be 100% accurate but we aim to be close and are almost spot on with weights. We do guarantee you get the 5kg that's for sure and in most instances more.  


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Natural 100% Grass-Fed Beef BBQ Box - 5kg.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 21, 2024

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